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Long Paws Poop Porter

We have been asked to review the Long Paws Poop Porter. The Poop Porter is a small lightweight rubber disc with a large karabiner in one corner. The karabiner can be used to clip the Poop Porter to a bag, lead or even a belt. The disc has 2 holes in it, a small hole in which you can wedge new folded poo bags and a large hole which is the perfect size to slip the knot of a used poo bag through, to carry it until you find the…

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The Paw Feeder – Slow your pet’s eating

Is your dog a food scoffer? If so, you’ll know all about the possibility of bloating and digestive disorders caused by gulping and eating too fast. We asked a member of Driving with Dogs to check out the new ‘Paw Feeder‘ to see how it works. And whether her doggie tester, a Cairn Terrier called Toby, would take to it. Toby has a bit of a history of scoffing so the hope was that this would be a useful feeding aid. Here’s what Toby’s owner Steff said about the Paw Feeder. First up, the…

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