Myself and Dotty have been asked to review the Bamboo Groom rotating pin comb which is suitable for all pet sizes. It has 31 rounded pins, which feel lovely, especially as they rotate 360 degrees and are of two different lengths. I am actually tempted to use it myself but not sure Dotty will return the grooming favour! The pins say they stimulate skin and hair follicles for a shiny finish. I can’t comment on the scientific aspect but it certainly left Dotty’s coat looking great.

The packaging is exactly what it needs to be, simple, brilliant and recyclable! You can really get a feel for a product before purchasing if you can touch it. Being made out of bamboo its eco friendly, 100% natural and is of a brilliant strong quality. Grooming any pet can be a long and sometimes tedious job, and having a St Bernard is no exception to the rule. Dotty loves to chew everything and anything in sight and a comb is like a new toy, but this product was effortless, especially with treats!

It’s easy and comfortable to hold, even for long periods, with its ergonomic handle and it even has rubber support pads to help to grip it. The bamboo itself is just beautiful, the grains, the appearance and the logo detail is lovely.

Dotty loves nothing more than to find a lovely muddy puddle to lay in or dig holes where they shouldn’t be dug, but this comb glided through her coat after the muddiest of walks and removed all of the loose dirt leaving her coat looking lovely. The comb is suited for medium to long coats, and for breeds with double coats and undercoats. The comb itself didn’t remove heavy amounts of fur but combs are not usually used with that intent. It did remove loose hair but more importantly left it looking amazing! Dotty was certainly enjoying being combed with this product.

I have never used a pet comb and have always opted for a brush, but I am converted. This is great as an in between groom just to keep Dotty’s coat looking amazing. I wanted to show how impressed I was so held a pamper pawty with Sid, a Japanese Spitz cross. The comb definitely left his coat looking lovely and removed much more loose fur than it did with Dotty who is only just getting her adult coat. Overall I would definitely keep using this product.

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Review by Saint Dotty