Rocketo 30 Day Dog Food Kit

Dotty and I have been asked to review the Rocketo 30 day dog food upgrade kit. Normally I wouldn’t swap or change Dotty’s food because she has had a very sensitive tummy in the past, but after a bit of product research decided it would be worth a try because of the added health benefits.

Included in the pack is Rocketo OH! – MEGA – 3 oil, Synbiotic powder and Fishy Comets. As soon as this package arrived Dotty’s senses clearly liked what she could smell in the box and she was wagging with excitement!
Dotty has now become like a fussy teenager since becoming one year old and will happily leave any dog food incase there is anything else available for the next few hours.
A sprinkle of the symbiotic powder, which is a probiotic and a prebiotic, over the top of her usual food and it was woofed down. The health benefits are listed as detoxification, bulletproof immunity, improved stool texture, post antibiotic support, healthy gut and a good appetite. I can’t really comment on many of them but the one thing I can definitely say is that Dotty’s stool texture has improved remarkably. They are now very firm making clean ups much easier!
The Omega 3 oil is cold-pressed and an all natural flaxseed oil which is even human friendly. This is a product which I have often considered because of the breed which Dotty is. Being a St Bernard she is an extremely large breed which have been known to suffer from joint pains in later life because of the stress that the joints are put under with the weight and size of the dog. Omega 3 is known to increase blood flow helping reduce joint pains and also provides essential nutrients to ensure a strong heart. There are so many added benefits with this oil that I will definitely be continuing to use this product to maintain Dotty’s health. It’s so easy too, all you need is a 0.5 tablespoon of oil per 10 kg dog. If certainly doesn’t deter Dotty from eating either.

Next the Fishy Comets, These wild caught and air dried herring snacks seem to be the new favourite treat, Dotty looks at these the way I look at chocolate, she is literally chewing on saliva just with a smell of these treats! She has even started to beg, which is a trick I have never taught her. Again the benefits of these healthy treats are great so I am happy in the knowledge that she is getting the best healthy tasting treat.

Rocketo have many amazing products all with super health benefits. The only negative I can say on this product is that I was unsure of how much of the symbiotic powder to give as there were no instructions, but due to the fact that this is an upgrade kit I would like to assume all the details are in an original kit.

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Review by Saint Dotty