Drying Shammy for Dogs

Benson likes nothing more than a trip to the coast and a paddle in the sea. Yet more often than not, we forget to pack a towel to dry him afterwards and end up with a car smelling of wet dog. Being both easy to store and to transport, the Aqueos Drying Shammy promised the perfect solution, and we were more than happy to test it out.

Super absorbent and soft, the shammy should be washed before first use, and must also be used when damp. The handy plastic tube in which its supplied makes this easy – our shammy stayed moist for quite some time after its first washing, making it perfect for drying off muddy paws after walks for several days in a row. It can be washed using detergent whenever necessary, and simply needs wringing out afterwards and returning to the container ready for the next use.

As our last visit to the coast was during a chilly Sunday in January, Benson understandably gave the cold sea a wide berth. Instead we decided to give the Drying Shammy its first test at bath time. Measuring 64cm by 43cm, the towel was more than adequate for a stocky bulldog, and did a great job of removing large amounts of excess water from his fur before we swapped to a standard towel to finish off drying his coat. It usually takes a couple of large towels to dry Benson after a bath, both of which end up soaked. Thanks to the shammy removing excess waterfirst, the one we used on this occasion remained relatively dry, while the fact we used fewer towels also left us with less laundry to do. That can only be a good thing in a house where the washing machine always seems to be on!

We’ve also found the Drying Shammy really useful for drying off Benson’s paws after his walks. We’ve only used it when walking from home so far, which has really helped protect our floors from muddy prints. But next time we jump into the car to explore somewhere new we’ll certainly be taking it with us. Not only will it be great for his paws, but will also be perfect if we’re hit with an unexpected rain shower and want to get our four-legged friend warm and dry again as quickly as we can.

We just need to stop being such forgetful owners and make sure we remember to pack it!

Where to buy (trade): https://petdreamhouse.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&bfilter=search:aqueos 

Where to buy (consumer): https://www.aqueos.co.uk/dog-drying-shammy-6332

Review by Liz & Bully Benson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bullybenson/