Hunter Vario Leash Freestyle & Neopren Harness

We have been asked to review the Hunter Vario Leash Freestyle long 10/260 and the Hunter Neopren Harness both in red. When the items arrived I could see they were of high quality and very well made. I couldn’t wait to try them out.

The Hunter Vario Leash Freestyle comes in many different colours and a couple of different sizes. I absolutely love the bright red colour that we have been sent as I always think that red goes so well with Rodney & Mabel’s colouring. We have the 10/260 size which means the leash is 1cm in diameter and has a maximum length of 260cm which is around 8.5 feet. At first I was a little concerned that it may be a slightly chunky lead for my 5.5kg Cavapoo, however these worries were soon forgotten when I started using it as it didn’t prove to be a problem at all.

The leash itself is a soft rope which feels very strong and easy to grip whilst still being gentle on the hand and comfortable to use. The unique feature of this leash is that it has a trigger clip on both ends, one which clips to your dogs harness or collar and one which clips to a special slider, making the length of the lead completely adjustable. I think this is a fantastic feature to have as on several occasions I have been out and wished I had a longer lead, either due to there being too many people about to let them off lead or if Rodney needs to calm down after too much squirrel chasing! This leash gives you the complete flexibility to do that, as you can have it short for when you need close control such as near traffic etc. Then it is really simple to just slide the slider along to give your dog more freedom in safer areas. This would be a great feature to have when teaching recall too. An added bonus of the 2 trigger clips also is that it makes it really quick and simple to secure your dog to a bench or post when stopping for a drink or rest whilst out and about.

The only real negative I could say about this leash is that the size of the handle loop depends on the length at which you are using the leash. Therefore when you have the leash at its shortest there is no real handle loop as the leash just doubles over on itself. It can be handy at times to be able to hook the loop over your wrist whilst you are doing something with both hands, however this is definitely something I can do without if it means I have the flexibility to adjust the leash length.

The Hunter Neopren Harness comes in several different colours and 6 different sizes. We have the black neoprene with red nylon straps which is very smart looking and matches the red Vario Leash Freestyle perfectly.  The size was easy to select, using a chest measurement and so we chose the XS which is 38-48cm.

When I first saw the harness, I was worried it was going to be too small as the back and chest pieces appeared tiny compared to previous harnesses I have used. However once I started adjusting the straps I could see that everything was going to sit in the right places. This is the first harness I have used whereby it has a 3 way adjustment, so not only can you adjust the chest straps but you can also adjust the length of the strap between the chest piece and the chest straps meaning you can achieve a perfect fit for your dogs torso.

On this occasion I decided Rodney would be our model and so I easily slotted the harness over his head and fastened the chest straps with the plastic clips on either side of the back piece. I was then able to easily make any final size adjustments using the simple sliders. The harness fitted perfectly and the soft neoprene padding ensured a comfortable fit too. On our walk it was clear to see that Rodney was able to run around happily with total freedom of movement and then when he was on lead the harness gave me the ability to control him without the fear of hurting him in anyway.

I liked that this harness is not as chunky as some other harnesses I have used as I feel it will be more comfortable in the warm summer months and yet will still give the support and control that is required. The chest and back piece also have the added feature of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, helping to make us more visible on those darker evening walks.

Overall I would say the Hunter Vario Leash Freestyle and Neopren Harness are high quality, hard wearing products. They both give you a great sense of confidence that your dog is held safely and securely and when teamed together not only do they look smart but they are very practical too. I would highly recommend these products.

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel