The Kong Dental Stick

As most dog owners know, keeping their pooch’s teeth clean and healthy can be a challenge. Many of our four-legged friends aren’t too keen on brushing, while traditional dental treats can be high in calories and not ideal for pets who are watching their weight. The Kong Dental Stick provides a fun, calorie-free alternative, and one which Benson the bulldog was all too happy to test out.

The colourful, ey-catching stick is made from durable rubber and comes in a variety of sizes and strengths which are designed to cater for every breed, from the daintiest nibbler right through to full-on power chewers. As Benson falls into the latter category, he often makes short work of chew toys but not so with the Kong – after a good hour of supervised chomping, the dental stick was covered in slobber, but otherwise looked as good as new.

The stick has 12 deep ridges running down its length, which are designed to help clean plaque and tartar from your faithful friend’s teeth as he plays. These ridges, together with the hole in the centre of the Dental Stick, can also be filled with tasty titbits to encourage your dog to chew, such as peanut butter or Kong Easy Treat. Although Benson was more than happy to gnaw on the toy without any additional persuasion, these features may well come in handy for regaining his attention if his interest in the stick ever begins to wane.

As well as helping to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and fulfilling their natural instinct to chew, the Kong Dental Stick also doubles as a toy. As it’s made of rubber, it will bounce on any tiled or solid floor – ideal for an impromptu game of fetch to help keep your pooch entertained in between chews.

All in all, it gets the paws up from Benson!

  • The Kong Dental Stick is available from Pet DreamHouse and supplied by Hunter.

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Review by Liz & Bully Benson