For many dog owners, urine burn patches are a real problem, killing off grass and ruining the lush green appearance of their lawn. Finding a way to tackle them can be a struggle – which is where Dog Rocks promises to help.

These 100% natural paramagnetic igneous rocks are mined in Australia and are said to filter out some nitrates and ammonia from the water your dog drinks, in turn helping to eradicate the impurities which discolour grass. The manufactures recommend you add a 200g pack of Dog Rocks for every two litres of water in your four-legged friend’s bowl, simply reusing the rocks every time you refill the water then replacing them after two months.

The rocks are said to work by purifying the water your pampered pooch drinks, in turn lowering the nitrates in their diet and therefore the amount which end up their pee. The manufacturers say they won’t change the pH of your dog’s urine (which can be a concern for some owners), and are safe for use by cats, rabbits and any other household pet which may share your pooch’s water bowl.

Dog Rocks take between eight and 10 hours to start working in the water, at which point no new burn patches should occur on your lawn. Although the old spots won’t magically disappear or the dead grass grow back, Dog Rocks say that with proper maintenance, you should start to seevast improvements in five weeks.

Dog Rocks are available from PetDreamHouse and are priced at 12.99 RRP. They are said to work for nine out of every 10 households, and have already received the thumbs up from many families as they are used by more than one million owners worldwide.

We have an artificial lawn at home, so don’t face any problems from urine burns when Benson goes for a tinkle. But if we did, finding a harmless and 100% natural solution, as Dog Rocks promises, would definitely be top. of our list of priorities.

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Review by Liz & Bully Benson