Nilaqua Waterless Shampoo

Owning a long-haired dog requires regular grooming. The maintenance of owning a long haired dog often requires a lot of time as daily spot cleaning and brushing are essential to prevent the formation of knots. I was kindly asked to review Nilaqua Pets Towel-Off Pet Shampoo for Spot Cleaning and was happy to find that the shampoo didn’t require the use of water to use which saves time as a bathroom clean would normally be needed. Obie would ideally require a bath once or twice a week depending on the weather as his coat is a magnet for mud and all things nasty.

I first used the products on his paws after one of his daily walks and found after a minute of massaging the shampoo until the fur appeared wet allowed me to find grass seeds hidden in the fur. I then used a white towel to ensure that product was in fact removing the dirt and after found after repeating the process three times by the third time the no more dirt was left on the towel.

Once the product dried there was no left over residue which made brushing easier which was a surprise as I was originally concerned about left-over residue causing knots. The hair also felt much softer after use which is always an added bonus. Unlike some coconut scented products the smell was not to overpowering and the scent remained for several days after use, this was ideal as long-haired dogs have the tendency to urinate on themselves especially on windy walks.

I used the product on the insides of his legs in small sections and found that it removed any yellow staining and left the groin area smelling fresh. As i was so happy with the product I decided I would trial it on my white cat Taty who has a tendency to get make up and other stains on his fur. As any cat owners knows bathing a cat can be quite a tiresome experience and despite them self-cleaning spot cleaning is sometimes needed.

When using this product on the cat I found the product only needed to be used once in order to take any dirt from the coat which was perfect as he will not stay still for long periods of time. Overall, I found this product was great for keeping fur clean in between grooms and would be very useful for long muddy walks or camping trips where access to a water source is restricted or limited.

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