Aqueos Drying Shammy for Dogs

We have been asked to review the Aqueos Drying Shammy for Dogs. During the festive period we always have an annual trip to the beach and on this occasion the tide was out and there were lots of seagulls asking to be chased across the wet sand! This therefore provided the perfect opportunity for bathtime for Rodney and Mabel.

Rodney and Mabel are both Cavapoos whom I like to keep quite teddy bear like, so their fur is quite thick and sponge like, meaning they take ages to dry! Bathtime therefore generates lots of washing, as a few towels each are generally required in an attempt to soak up the excess water and dry their coats as best I can, before they go diving around the room trying to dry themselves on any soft furnishings they can find!

I was really looking forward to trying this drying shammy out as I was intrigued to see if it would really work. It is made from PVA Sponge and comes with a handy plastic container which is perfect to store it in as it needs to be kept damp. I followed the instructions which advise to wash the shammy before first use with some detergent, then rinse and wring it out.

My 1st impression was that it feels super soft and of good quality, although it did seem rather small. It measures 64cm x 43cm. However, once I started using it I realised that the size doesn’t really matter too much. Rodney and Mabel are both fairly small and my natural instinct when they are soaking wet is to want to wrap them up warm and cosy in a large dry towel. The design of this shammy goes against all of that but amazingly it really does work!

With 2 dripping wet dogs in front of me, I set to work rubbing them down with the shammy, wringing it out as and when I needed to. I was amazed at how absorbent it was and how much excess water I squeezed out of it. It really didn’t take me too long at all to remove the excess water and dry them to a reasonable level that I could release them from the bathroom ready for their usual dive around the living room, exhibiting their own personal drying techniques! The fact that it is super soft made it easy to dry their faces and around their delicate areas too.

The instructions don’t actually state whether it can be machine washed or not, so when I had finished I hand washed it with some detergent, rinsed it well, wrung it out and popped it back into its handy container damp, ready for its next use.

Overall I am really, really impressed with this drying shammy and wish I had come across it sooner. It definitely sped up the drying process and massively reduced the amount of washing generally generated from bathtime. The fact that you use it damp meant I could use just the one shammy for both dogs whilst still having the exact same effect as if I had used two. It definitely gets the thumbs up from us.

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel