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Spin UFO Maze Slow Feeder & Spin Disc

We have been asked to review the Pet Dream House UFO Maze Spin Slow Feeder & Spin Disc. Pet Dream House have created a dynamic range of bowls that turn mealtimes into fun slow feeding games by encouraging sniffing, licking and problem-solving. Both my dogs love their food and given the chance will gobble it down in seconds, therefore I am very keen to try anything that will naturally slow their eating down whilst also getting them thinking and using their brains.  The UFO Maze Spin Slow feeder is made…

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Cool Pet Products Pet Product Reviews 

Wolters Cable Knit Dog Jumper

  We have been asked to review a Wolters Cable Knit Dog Jumper in Blackberry. It was hard to see the true colour from the picture on the website but it is a lovely deep purple. I found the size easy to select, as you just needed the measurement from your dogs neck to the base of the tail. We therefore selected a size 40. When the jumper arrived, I was very impressed. It is 100% acrylic and feels thick and soft to touch. The chunky roll neck gives that real…

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Cool Pet Products Dog Accessories 

Product Review – Funky Cerise Pink Daisies Bandana

As soon as I saw this product I could not wait to see Dotty wearing it. The colour is amazing and the print is beautiful. I have never used a tied bandana before, and coming from me who always wonders how people tie their scarfs so nicely, I was a little daunted. However I did not need to be. It was literally as simple as giving it a tie around her neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight or too loose. Dotty is trying the large which isan impressive 28 inches…

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Cool Pet Products Dog Collars Pet Product Reviews 

Product Review – Plain Webbing Collar Review

Dotty has been asked to review the Wagytail plain webbing collar. It is available in many colours and we have received a lilac and black one. I myself have never thought of a black collar, especially for Dotty, but with all the accessories available from this company, I am now really pleased that she has one in her pawdrobe. I mean we all own a little black dress so why not a little black collar? On first glance I thought the collar would be lost around Dotty’s neck and jowls…

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Cool Pet Products Harnesses Pet Product Reviews 

PRODUCT REVIEW – Wagytail Lilac Harness Review

When Dotty opened the packaging to her parcel, I honestly felt like a child at Christmas again. Seeing this harness in the wrapper got me crossing my paws and hoping it would fit. Anyone who has read a review of Dotty’s will know how often she gets mistaken for a boy, and when I was shopping for a harness before, I couldn’t find one on the high street in a colour that I loved. This product did it! I was so happy, Dotty was too as she knows a harness…

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