Gor Reef Big Daddy & Octopus & Soccer Ball

Gor Reef Big Daddy Octopus 

We have been asked to review the Gor Reef Octopus dog toy. This toy comes in 3 different colours, Blue, Pink & Purple and 3 different sizes, Big Daddy, Daddy, Mommy & Baby! We have received a Blue Big Daddy one which I could not believe how big it was when I pulled it out of the box. It measures 80cm x 25cm x 25cm. I have 2 quite small Cavapoos so this is definitely the biggest toy they have ever had, although I think the size of it actually created a lot of excitement even though it is pretty much bigger than they are! 

It is a gorgeous, well made soft toy with lots of attention to detail. It is made from soft furry fabric with a plush underside. The main body is well stuffed and has a honker hidden within. My dogs are too small to be able to honk it themselves but I can imagine a larger breed would have great fun doing this. The 8 long legs all make an exciting crinkle sound and 4 of them have a squeaker at the end which my 2 dogs are able to squeak themselves and love to do so. The legs are brilliant for tug and dragging the toy around with and the fact that there are 8 of them means it’s great to share too. 

Overall this is a brilliant dog toy which has already provided lots of fun for my 2 dogs. I would think the big daddy size is probably much better suited to a larger breed dog although Rodney & Mabel have certainly enjoyed wrestling with him aswell as snuggling with him too. I think a smaller version would just be played with differently in that they would be able to runaround and chase with it etc. This like most soft toys is not indestructible but luckily Rodney and Mabel are not too rough with their toys so I do expect it to last for many months to come. 

Gor Vinyl Super Soccer Ball

We have been asked to review the Gor Vinyl Super Soccer Ball. This ball is made of durable, high quality vinyl and is designed to give an easy grip, meaning the dog has no need to puncture it to carry it around. My 2 small dogs are actually scared of large footballs so I was pleased when this arrived to find it is much smaller and measures 14.5cm making it much more manageable for them. 

The shape and design of this ball means it doesn’t roll about as freely as a normal football would but I think the fact that they are able to pick it up and carry it makes up for this. It has a built in squeaker which is easy to squeak even with their small mouths and adds to the fun. 

They have both enjoyed fetching, chasing and playing with this ball and it is tough enough for a good chew too.  It has definitely been a great addition to their toy box. 

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos