Review – Supadog Food

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Rags has been on this for a month now – and as you know he can be very fussy about his food. He has enjoyed this and his coat and eyes are very healthy looking, so must be doing him some good. The food includes some really crunchy bits which he loves and which is doing a good job at keeping his teeth tartar free. However, if you dog gulps down his food I would be concerned that he may get a crunchy bit stuck in his throat.

The packaging was good – very informative and easy to ensure I was giving him the correct quantities. They also include some really interesting doggy facts.

Another thing I like is that they support rescue centres and have obviously thought about the pet first rather than us humans. At £16 odd for 15kg this was excellent value too – much cheaper than the stuff Rags was having, although its so cheap I’m a little concerned that this is the ‘fast food’ equivalent of dog food.

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