Hunter Road Refresher Bowl

We have been asked to review The Hunter Road Refresher Travel Bowl. I am always keen to find easy practical ways to take water on the road with us, as keeping the dogs hydrated is so important. With the weather warming up and summer on its way I was excited to test this product out.

This is a large, wide bottomed bowl that holds up to 1.4l. It is made from heat resistant toughened polypropylene and so has a real sturdy feel. There is a maximum level line showing where to fill the water to and then comes the magical part about this bowl which is that it has a unique floating plate. This is a removable section that you place in on top of the water. It has 6 small slots which allow the water through in the centre of the bowl. You then add the black smooth rounded lid and you are all set to go.

On the day of testing we were lucky that the sun was shining, we loaded the car ready and I placed the bowl in the carpeted boot area. On the base of the bowl are 4 Velcro pads which keep the bowl in place by firmly gripping to the carpet. You are also supplied with the opposing set of Velcro tabs with self-adhesive backing which can be used to stick the bowl to an alternative surface such as a plastic protector mat, wood or metal.

We set off on our travels intrigued to find out if this bowl is really non-spill or would I find a big puddle when we reached our destination?! When we arrived the bowl was exactly where I had placed it, there was a little more water on top of the floating plate but the carpet was completely dry! Fantastic!

After our walk and lots of running in the sunshine I took the bowl out of the car and placed it on the floor, Rodney & Mabel were both keen to check it out. Even though it is a large bowl and Rodney & Mabel are both quite small, the rimmed lid means that there is only room for one of them to take a drink at a time. As is usually the case Mabel was the winner and got first go. She quite happily drank away, lapping the water off of the floating plate. It very cleverly only allows a small amount of water through at a time encouraging the dog to drink at a slower pace and leaving less excess water to soak into her beard and drip on the floor when she’s finished. This made me realise what a great bowl it would be for general every day use too. When it came to Rodney’s turn he was a bit more tentative at using the bowl and I ended up pushing the floating plate down slightly, allowing a bit more water through to encourage him to drink. He soon got the idea.

We have since used the bowl indoors too and the only negative Iwould say to this is that due to the floating plate it is not always immediately obvious if the bowl needs refilling, however as long as you are mindful of this it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

Overall I am really impressed with this product, not only is it great for road trips, as it’s name suggests, I can also see it being a great bowl for caravan/ boating holidays where space is limited and the likelihood of a bowl of water getting kicked over is increased, as well as also being a brilliant every day bowl for those dogs that can be messy drinkers and drip a lot of the water over the kitchen floor. It’s design will definitely help to reduce this.

I would definitely recommend this product.

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos