As anyone who has read our earlier reviews will know, Benson the bulldog really loves his food. The second he spots a treat, it invariably disappears within the blink of an eye. As a result, we’re always looking for options which take him a little longer to devour, so were really pleased to be offered the chance to review the Lick Paw Pad.

This brightly-coloured rubber pad is made up of numerous small sections which are perfect for sticky morsels such as peanut butter, yogurt or soggy biscuits. Simply spread some of your pooch’s favourite treat onto into the crevices, then use the three suction pads on the reverse to attach it to a tiled floor, wall or window and your four-legged friend is good to go.

We’re pleased to report that the Lick Paw Pad certainly kept Benson entertained for a lot longer than other treat-based toys we’ve tried. It’s also very economical, as the rubber sections help make sure a little food goes a long way.

As well as using the pad as a reward or a way to keep Benson entertained, we also found several other brilliant uses for it. If your pampered pooch isn’t too keen on baths, sticking it to the side of the tub can help distract them while you rub in the shampoo. We also found it really helpful for keeping Benson still as we dried him off afterwards, as his attention was trained firmly on the Lick Paw Pad rather than trying to run away from the towel! Evidence shows that the act of licking can help a pet stay calm, which makes the pad the perfect diversion during any situation which may otherwise cause them stress.

Another great feature of the pad is that it fits into the Paw Feeder, which we were lucky enough to try out last year (you can read our review here: The pad fits inside the main compartment of the slow feeder, which gives another option for securing it if there isn’t a handy surface to stick it to.

The Lick Paw Pad is also dishwasher safe and freezer-friendly, opening up numerous possibilities for freezing a variety of tasty morsels to keep your pet cool and entertained during the hot summer months. For us, it’s a great product which both ourselves and Benson would definitely recommend.

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Review by Liz & Bully Benson