Licki Paw Pads

We have been asked to review The Licki Paw Pad, which is an add on for the Paw Feeder which we have previously reviewed and loved, resulting in purchasing an additional one so that Rodney and Mabel have one each. 

The Licki Paw Pad is shaped to fit exactly in the largest section of the Paw Feeder, making this area perfect to spread sticky treats like yoghurt, gravy, soggy biscuits, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc. It is made from soft food grade TPE rubber, free from PVC, latex, metals and phthalates. It has 3 suction cups on the base meaning you can also easily attach it to a window, wall, fridge door or even the side of the bath if needed. 

I love to find things that will keep Rodney and Mabel busy and this is such a simple idea that I couldn’t wait to try it out. I also loved the idea that it could be used with the Paw Feeders that we already had. 

We received the Licki Paw Pads in 3 bright colours, Orange, Blue & Green, they feel a good quality rubber and are a good size. I decided to try them out with Rodney and Mabel’s favourite treat, cream cheese. It was reasonably easy to spread the cheese across the rubber into the little semi-circular areas, I then very easily slotted it into the largest section of the Paw Feeder. 

Rodney and Mabel were already very excited at the sight of The Paw Feeder as they use it for their dinner every evening so already know it means food! I set the feeders down on the floor and they both immediately set to work licking the cheese from between the rubber circles. Initially, I didn’t think it would take them very long, however it actually took them ages. They were very intent on getting every last trace of cheese from between the rubber pieces. They both very calmly licked and licked away. When they eventually finished they both happily settled down for a rest, licking is clearly hard work and they seemed happy and relaxed. 

We did also try the Licki Paw Pads on the Fridge/Freezer door using the suction cups to attach them. This worked perfectly too, they fitted securely and both dogs were happy to lick away. This would be a great help to anyone whose dog doesn’t like to be groomed as I’m pretty sure the dog would be so interested in licking the treat that they would allow you to get on and do whatever was needed. The licking would help to relax them too. 

Overall I would say this is a great product, such a simple idea yet clearly very effective at keeping your dog busy and tiring them out. They are freezer friendly too, so the activity could be extended by freezing the chosen treat which would not only take longer for your dog to finish but would also help to cool them down, perfect for the coming summer months. The Licki Paws Pads are top rack dishwasher safe making them very easy to clean and we look forward to using them again and again. 

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos