Long Paws Lick n Flow Dog Water Bottle

We have been asked to review the Long Paws Lick n Flow Dog Water Bottle. This bottle comes in 3 different sizes 250ml, 500ml and 750ml. It also comes in various different designs. We have been sent the 500ml Paws design which is bright, colourful and I’d say the perfect size for my 2 small dogs.

We love to take long walks with my 2 Cavapoos Rodney & Mabel and in the summer months it is vital to take water with us as they both love to run around and as dogs don’t seat like we do we need to have water available for them to cool them down and keep them hydrated.

The Lick n Flow water bottle is made from Stainless Steel and BPA-Free Plastic so it is free from harmful chemicals. The design of this bottle is that water is released as your dog licks the top where there is a large stainless steel ball. The dogs tongue lifts the ball which allows small amounts of water through at a time.

Having just had a mini heatwave we have had plenty of opportunity to try this bottle out. I was pleased to find that the whole plastic top unscrews giving easy access to fill the bottle and making it easy to clean too. The bottle fitted nicely in the side pocket of my bag, although it does have a clip which you could use to clip it to a bag or belt. It didn’t feel too heavy to carry either. It also has a screw on cap which is neatly attached to the bottle when you remove it making it less likely to get lost. It is leak resistant and I can confirm we have not had any leaks or spillage in my bag.

At first I was slightly concerned that Rodney and Mabel wouldn’t know what to do to get their drink as they have never used anything like this before. However I was pleasantly surprised that they took to it straight away. A small amount of water does leak out as you initially tip the bottle but once you have it at the right angle the stainless steel ball sits in place and stops the water until the dog licks it. They both happily licked away and really seemed to enjoy this new way of drinking. They did take it in turns but at times they were also able to share the bottle and both get a drink at the same time.

I liked that it only allowed them small amounts at a time as when they have been running around it is not good for them to gulp large amounts of water which they can do if drinking from a bowl. The design of this bottle also means that they can take as much or as little water as they want without wastage and no dirty water flows back into the bottle either.

Overall I would say this is a brilliant water bottle for dogs, I love how easy and quick it is to use. Just needing to unscrew the cap and present it to the dog, no need for messing around trying to pour or squeeze water into a bowl and also no need to have to carry a bowl around as well. It is pleasing to the eye, practical and of good quality. Another essential addition to our dog walks.

Where to buy:

Public: https://www.longpaws.co.uk/product-page/pet-water-bottles

Trade: https://petdreamhouse.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=44089

Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos