Nature’s Munch Treat Range

We have been asked to review the Pawfect Foods Nature’s Munch Treat range. There are 7 different varieties all based on a fruit theme, all of which are 100% natural and from the best stocked orchards, allotments and plantations. They have all been freeze dried to preserve the flavours and nutrients and transform them into light, crispy, tasty fruit treats.

The 7 varieties are; Delish Fresh Apple, Crispy Banana, Heavenly Pineapple, Majestic Mango, Delicious Papaya, Plump Pumpkin and Crunchy Coconut. Each is rich in different nutrients, thus boasting different benefits for your dog ranging from enhancing a dog’s coat and skin, assisting the immune system, combating heart problems, keeping unwelcome visitors at bay, assisting bowel movement, providing an energy boost for your dog, to name but a few.

The treats are packaged in high quality, resealable packets which are eye catching and clearly labelled and decorated to show which flavour they are.

When the treats were delivered Rodney and Mabel, my 2 Cavapoos, were very keen to see what had arrived and it was clear to see that their noses had told them there were tasty treats inside.

I too was keen to let them try them as I don’t think they have ever had any freeze dried fruit treats before.

I allowed them to try a different variety each day over the course of a week just in case any tummy upsets were caused. Rodney and Mabel love treats and so they were very happy to test all of these out. They were equally as excited for the opening of all the flavours and in line with their personalities Mabel would dive straight in and take the treat and munch away, whilst Rodney was a bit tentative at first wanting to sniff and lick the treat before taking it to enjoy. The texture of the treats is quite different to what they have had before so I think he just wanted to check it out first as when being offered on a second occasion he was more than happy to quickly accept his treat, as if he didn’t take it Mabel most certainly would have.

I think it is safe to say that they thoroughly enjoyed all the flavours, no tummy upsets occurred and I really like the fact that each flavour is providing them with different benefits, thus supporting their all round health. The different varieties of fruit mean that the treats are of varying sizes making them good as a snack or to be used for training, some are easily breakable so I will definitely take some out with me to provide some variety for recall treats.

The feeding guide on the packaging just states that ‘The treats can be fed straight out of the packet’. Some guidance on how many of the treats a dog should be allowed per day would be an added bonus although I would imagine as long as they are given sensibly dependant on the size of your dog there shouldn’t be any problem. The packet does also state that the crumbs can be used to sprinkle over your dogs dinner as a fruit seasoning which is something I will definitely try to brighten up their dinner time.

Overall these treats were a definite hit with my 2 and the fact that they are so different from all the usual meaty and biscuity type treats out there made them all that bit more exciting! Thank you Pawfect Foods.

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos