Nilaqua Towel-Off Pet Shampoo


For both owners and pooches alike, bath time can be stressful, often ending up with both parties soaked to the skin and water dripping from every surface. Nilaqua’s Towel-Off Pet Shampoo promises the perfect solution to this problem, and we jumped at the chance to try it out.

The UK-made shampoo comes in two fragrances – mulberry and peppermint and tea tree – with the latter also containing essential oils which are said to naturally repel fleas and ticks. The formula is also pH balanced so that it’s kind to your dog’s skin.

We normally bath Benson around once a month, but between those times he can start to pong a little. We decided to test out the shampoo mid-way between his monthly pampering sessions and after a trip to the beach, when he was definitely in need of a little refreshment.

As the name suggests, the shampoo needs no water, which gives you the flexibility to use it wherever and whenever you like. You simply massage generously into your dog’s coat until their fur is wet and soapy before drying them off with a towel, and you’re good to go.
Unsure as to whether the shampoo would cause any mess, we tried it out in the garden. It turns out there was no need for any concern, as the whole process was quick, easy and fuss-free. Benson enjoyed his extended massage and his coat dried much more quickly than it does after a bath, when it can remain damp for some time. The shampoo also left his fur soft, shiny and smelling lovely, with the fresh fragrance



lasting for several days afterwards. The only downside is that we needed to use quite a lot of the shampoo for one wash, but then again Benson is a fairly big dog!

All in all, we feel this is a great little product, and perfect for refreshing your four-legged friend between ‘proper’ baths. It would also be ideal for taking away on holiday when a full-blown bath may not be possible. We’ll certainly be packing a bottle next time we go away, just in case!

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Review by Liz & Bully Benson