Dotty woofed at the chance to review this slow feeding bowl, perhaps thinking an extra meal time was going to occur.
As a pet owner of a large breed dog it is something I have always wondered about. I personally couldn’t decide between a slow feeder or a raised bowl. Dotty is a Saint Bernard who loves her food! She can either eat fast, slow, or take it outside just to keep me on my human paws.
Our precious pets can be prone to gut bloat and twisting if they eat too fast which can sometimes be potentially life threatening, so if a bowl can prevent this then it’s amazing already. We as humans, are supposed to chew our dense food at least 30 times before swallowing it to help our digestion, and it is the same for our pets. The quicker they eat, the more air they swallow, resulting in bloating, choking and digestion problems.

Dotty normally won’t eat anything out of a bowl on the floor unless it is raised. When we go out I have been known to have to hold her bowl so Dotty will eat.
First impressions of this slow feeder are pawtastic. It has sufficient weight and four large rubber paws on the bottom which stopped it from moving even when a large pup is testing it!
It is a fantastic vibrant orange colour but also comes in green and blue.

Dotty has a scoop of approximately 250g of food three times a day but this quantity of food was a little too much to use the slow feeder to its full potential. I would recommend approximately 165g of food to be sufficiently spaced out. Most dogs probably don’t need this quantity, but it is no hardship to give a little extra food once the first bit has been eaten in order to use this product.

Dotty is always interested in food, but this was more so when I put this bowl in front of her. I had to lift one piece of food out to show her and then she ate no problem. It definitely slowed down her eating and she seemed interested that her food was in different parts, taking her time to look around the feeder for the next bit, providing mental stimulation as well as her food.

Overall after a week of using this product I won’t be going back to her raised food bowl, which only means she gets two water bowls now as well, and Dotty drinking is a whole other soaking story!


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Review by Saint Dotty