The PAW Slow Feeder

Rodney & Mabel have been asked to review The Paw Feeder. As Rodney and Mabel are quite small Cavapoos, my 1st impression was that it is quite large but this is because it features 3 different feeding options all on the one plate. There are 2 standard bowls, 2 gulp stoppers and then the largest area separates the food into lots of smaller compartments.

Ever since Mabel was a tiny puppy she has always gulped her food down which quite often resulted in her sicking it back up again. Therefore I opted to try the paw feeder out with Mabel first. Rodney and Mabel are raw fed so I decided the best section would be the largest area with lots of smaller compartments. I was quickly and easily able to spread her food across the compartments with a hungry, eager Mabel at my feet.

Once placed on the floor, I was pleased to find the feeder sat firm and did not skid around the floor thanks to the non-slip rubbers under each paw pad. Mabel then eagerly started her meal and it was lovely to see her daintily eating from each small section. This feeder definitely slowed her right down and encouraged her to enjoy her meal calmly without the added frustrations that some puzzle feeders can cause. For the 1st time ever Rodney actually finished his meal before Mabel and so popped over to see if she required any assistance with hers, obviously she didn’t!

Overall I am very impressed with this feeder, I love it’s simplicity and the variety of feeding options it provides depending on what type of food you are feeding. It is bright, fun and easy to clean. Now I think Rodney needs one too!

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Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel