The PAW Slow Feeder

It’s fair to say that Benson, like most bulldogs, loves his food. The second a meal is put down in front of him, his table manners disappear out the window and before you know it, his bowl is empty and he’s expectantly hoping for seconds. Aware of the potential digestive and bloating problems which gulping can cause, we’re always keen to find ways to slow him down so jumped at the chance to try out the Paw Feeder.

Boasting a fun, paw-shaped design, this slow feeder is made up of three different compartments – two standard bowls, two gulp-stoppers and a mini meal area – offering a choice of how to put the brakes on a greedy pet. Made of robust food-grade plastic, it also has four anti-skid rings on the underside, stopping it from moving when even the most enthusiastic eater is testing it out.

We have tried Benson with slow feeders before, but ended up returning them to the shop as the rivets were too deep to allow him to reach the food – a real problem with short-snouted breeds such as bulldogs. We were really pleased that the same wasn’t the case with the Paw Feeder. Benson was able to get to his food without frustration, but certainly not at the Grand Prix-winning speeds he can reach using a standard bowl.

Having to take the time to look and think about which compartment his food is in has also made mealtimes more interactive for Benson, offering him mental stimulation at the same time as tickling his taste buds. For us, the mini-meal area was the most effective, as Benson tended to knock some of the food out of the small bowls and gulp-stoppers. However, that’s probably more of a reflection on his bad table manners than anything else!

In summary, the Paw Feeder gets the seal of approval from both us as owners, and from our pampered pooch. The bright, fun design is attractive and eye-catching, while its clever choice of feeding options certainly slowed our down our food-loving friend, making mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone.

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Review by Liz & Bully Benson