Pet product reviews – why bother reading them?

A very warm welcome to the first blog post on – the ultimate guide to the pet product word! This first blog article briefly outlines the benefits of being a user/visitor of and gives clear reasons as to why you should read pet product reviews.

As you might have noticed in the past decade, there is a growing popularity of product and service review platforms around the world. We, as consumers are keen to learn as much information as possible before they finally make their choice and purchase a product. More importantly, what we ideally want is to get feedback and opinions of those people who have already used a product or experienced the service as this will greatly help our decision making. For these reasons review platforms such as,, exist. And of course lets not forget about Amazon review platform which is available under almost every product sold on Amazon. There are also millions of blogs and YouTube channels with huge audience that are united by one single goal – provide detailed reviews, pros and cons and recommendations of particular product or service in order help the people in their decision-making. This indeed greatly helps those that read those reviews, because they tend to trust the unbiased opinions of the reviewer, can quickly get the idea about the product/service, and estimate the product quality amongst mass-consumption (via comparison of positive vs. negative reviews). And of course,  they are able to share their own opinion about the product/service and/or ask more specific questions. Ultimately,  aims to provide a convenient platform to do all of the above, specifically in the pet product niche. Below I’d like to explain the value and benefits one can gain from reading product reviews and using

Why read pet product reviews and use 

  • You can learn hands-on opinions about particular pet products which will greatly help and guide you to choose the right product for your pet
  • As there are thousands of pet products out there, reading detailed reviews about particular products will give you a clear idea of what are some of the best products on the market 
  • From reading pet product reviews, you can learn best practices about using particular products, its suitability for certain needs and whether it fulfills the need it is designed for
  • The reviews are unbiased and honest so you can read about the product both advantages and disadvantages
  • Most of the product reviews come with a lifestyle image so you can see the product “in action”
  • Under each review you are able to share your own opinion about the product and/or ask questions
  • All pet product reviews are submitted to are written  by real people as well as pet bloggers/testers. We check all reviews to ensure that only appropriate content is submitted.


To take advantage of the above benefits be sure to check out pet products reviews on, share your own reviews and opinions and of course sign-up for our regular email newsletter.

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Dmitrij Sumichin