Product Review – Alcott Retractable Lead

As soon as we opened the packaging to the Alcott lead it grabbed mine and Dotty’s attention. I mean what girl doesn’t like a pink accessory? Its extremely comfortable to hold and on first glance looks strong enough to use on Dotty who at 16 weeks weighs a whopping 19.20kg and is certainly not the easiest dog to walk, unless there are people or dogs about and then she turns into an angel.  I need a lead to be strong enough to sometimes physically move her when she decides to lay down, usually in a road!

The lead we are testing is the Alcott Adventure Retractable Leash and of course we are trying the pink one! We are using the Medium which is suitable for dogs up to 30kg so it will certainly get its use until that point. It comes with an impressive two year guarantee which woofs quality product.

On our first walk using the lead Dotty did exactly what she always does in the rain, laid down in the closest, muddiest puddle and wanted to stay there. The lead was amazing, the tape is strong and definitely eye catching being pink with reflective stitching. It is 5 metres long so gives enough freedom for Dotty to smell all the exciting smells, but retracts when we are walking closer so she doesn’t fall over it and Dotty can fall over her own feet alone so this is great. The lead retraction isn’t the quickest but it certainly isn’t insufficient. The locking system was easy to use with one hand as all us dog owners know we need our other hand for carrying smelly poo bags which we don’t want touching everything else.
Dotty likes to greet everyone and everything that passes, people, dogs, cows, ducks, but also cars, vans and bikes so the lock needs to be sufficient whilst I am training her. It certainly held her weight! When pressing the large brake button on the lead to move Dotty away from certain items on the floor that we passed, I sometimes caught the lock button making it a little harder to pull her away quickly but that is something that I would get used to and not something that would deter from the use of the product.

The lead comes with a safety collar if you’re attaching the lead to a neck collar. At the minute Dotty is using a harness as it gives me much more control when walking her but the lead attached to that no problem. Dotty walks beautifully near other people, children or dogs. Sometimes I think she just gets bored of my company so waits to meet new people. This lead certainly attracted people’s attention being so bright, so not only looks pretty but serves a great safety purpose of being noticed when we are walking. Although she is a big pup, she is still a pup, so sometimes isn’t seen with passing motorists.

We couldn’t wait to use the lead again on the next walk, and being confident in the lead makes walking easier, more relaxing and definitely more pleasurable. A happy me means a happy Dotty.

On our second walk Dotty walked brilliantly but did keep trying to chew the lead. I usually take a stick to distract her from doing this. It’s a habit she is starting to break but unfortunately the lead has started to fray on the edges with a chew when the lead was extended, but this is more of a fault with the teething pup than the lead itself.

I think this lead would definitely be more suited to an adult dog instead of a pup and one that walked nicely and didn’t want to use it as a chew toy. Maybe it was a bit too pretty for the destructive Dotty!  I would definitely purchase the Large when Dotty is fully trained.

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Review by Saint Dotty