Product Review – Bamboo Groom combo brush

Myself and Dotty have been asked to review the Bamboo Groom combo brush which is suitable for small and medium pets.
The packaging is exactly what it needs to be, simple, brilliant and recyclable! You can really get a feel for a product before purchasing if you can touch it. Being made out of bamboo, its eco friendly, 100% natural and is of a brilliant strong quality. Grooming any pet can be a long and sometimes tedious job, and having a St Bernard is no exception to the rule. Dotty loves to chew everything and anything in sight and a brush is like a new toy.
It’s easy and comfortable to hold, with an ergonomic handle and rubber support pads each side to help to grip it. The bamboo itself is just beautiful, the grains, the appearance and the logo detail is lovely.
The combo brush is exactly that, you get to groom your pet using one brush, using two completely different brushes by just turning it over. You don’t need to leave a different brush within reach to kneel on or get eaten if you have a dog anything like the destroyer which is Dotty! One side has soft bristles which removes loose hair and debris from the coat and the other side has rounded pins which are suitable for detangling and removing the undercoat. Bamboo Groom have even inserted a reinforced fabric in the pin pad so the pins don’t get pushed back into the fabric. All us ladies, be it the pet or human kind, like a good quality brush, not one that we spend our time wondering where yet another brush pin has gone and if we have impaled ourselves by brushing our hair!

Dotty definitely enjoyed being pampered with this brush and I think she is beginning to learn that grooming means treats, and what lady doesn’t like a pampering experience complete with snacks?

The rounded pin side of the brush did remove a few loose hairs and the bristle side certainly left Dotty’s coat looking smooth, but on Dotty’s coat this brush wasall about the luxury of the brush which must have felt nice as she even stopped trying to eat it, as opposed to the quantity of hair being removed from the grooming session. Dotty is a short coat St Bernard, so her fur is smooth and dense, and is also only just getting her adult coat, so I tried the combo brush on Sid.

He is a Japanese Spitz cross and this brush was certainly more effective on his coat, being longer and thicker the brush glided through with the pin side removing plenty of hair and with a turn of the brush left him looking silky and shiny. Overall I think this brush is amazing on longer haired pets plus the feel and the overall quality of the product is pawfect.

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Review by Saint Dotty