PRODUCT REVIEW – Dog Deli Prime Duck Fillets

Maya absolutely loves doing tricks for treats, mainly because I only really give her scrumptious titbits as a reward. I am always on the lookout for new healthy dog treats to maintain her interest so I was delighted when we received some Dog Deli Prime Duck Fillets from Petface to test. They went straight into the training treat tin, and much to Maya’s dismay remained there until the following day! These treats are 90% duck ( 6% Sorbital, 4% Glycol ) which really impressed me and means they are healthy and nutritious as well as delicious! They are packaged in a sealed oxygen free pack called an OXY-Pack which absorbs oxygen so the treats stay tasty and fresh! The bag is also easy to reseal which is an added bonus.
They are reasonably priced and can easily be cut into much smaller pieces – an absolute necessity if, like us, you want to use these as training treats. They are also ideal to serve whole either as a snack between meals or for a special treat as part of a balanced diet and are suitable for dogs over 4 months old. Maya was very, very keen on these treats and gave them her paw of approval straight away. She gets very excited when she sees me chopping one up – in fact they are the most sought after treat in the tin at them moment and I am using them to teach a couple of new tricks so I will definitely be buying more!
Another big plus of these treats as far as I’m concerned is that they don’t stink!! Mind you Maya obviously found their aroma very appealing and was delighted to pose with her snout in the packet for this picture! Dog Deli Prime Duck Fillets were also responsible for a random dog sticking his nose into our treat bag in the park the other day so I think they will be popular with nearly every pooch!
Dog Deli Prime Duck Fillets are available to buy across the UK and you can find your local stockists on the Petface site. Huge thanks to Petface for sending us a complimentary packet to test. Does your dog like these meaty type treats or do they prefer biscuits??

Love Sal & Maya xxx

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Review by Grace Stevens – thedogbloguk