PRODUCT REVIEW – Wagytail Lilac Harness Review

When Dotty opened the packaging to her parcel, I honestly felt like a child at Christmas again. Seeing this harness in the wrapper got me crossing my paws and hoping it would fit. Anyone who has read a review of Dotty’s will know how often she gets mistaken for a boy, and when I was shopping for a harness before, I couldn’t find one on the high street in a colour that I loved. This product did it! I was so happy, Dotty was too as she knows a harness means walkies. I was so eager to try it, we literally opened it and popped it on.

The size we are trying is extra large and as I was slipping it over her head, I did get a little worried that it wouldn’t fit over her jowls, or triple chins as I like to call them. Once we had arranged all that extra skin and adjusted the buckle it was pawfect. It isn’t rigid like someharnesses that we have tried and it certainly felt to me that it would be comfortable and Dotty didn’t raise a paw in protest!
Sometimes figuring out how a harness fits is like completing a 1000 piece jigsaw, but this was so simple, easy and also quick. We dog owners know it can be exhausting before a walk has even begun. As soon as your pup knows its walk-ies, fitting a harness on a very excited spinning pup is no easy task.
Wagytail is a UK handmade company that ships worldwide and also a family run business that clearly love animals. The product is brilliant and they state if you’re looking for excel-lent quality at reasonable cost to look no further. I completely agree! They have definitely put a lot of thought into the de-sign so it fits pawfectly.

The harness is made from a soft padded air mesh polyester, it really is just so soft and flexible meaning ultimate comfort. The stitching is amazing and the harness feels strong. A harness can sometimes look uncomfortable for a pup to wear but it fits wonderfully. There was no restriction in movement and Dotty still enjoyed a walk full of adventures. She went off running and for once was happy to have her lead re-attached. It has a wide neck band so did not choke her and didn’t put unnecessary strain on her neck when she pulled as it distrib-utes it between the chest and shoulders.

After a walk the neck band had stretched a little but I think this is the same with any material product and if anything I’m happy because it means I can get more use out of it.  The extra large size fits perfectly now and still has a lot of adjustment room on the chest strap, although if Dotty’s neck gets much wider I’m not sure how long it would fit comforta-bly around her neck. It is hard to say how long it would fit, and although it is extra large, Dotty is one extra large pup, already she is the size of a fully grown Labrador!

It is available in many sizes from extra small to extra large, this one is suitable for a neck size of 16 inches and a chest measuring from 21 inches to 29 inches which is still pretty big!
The lead attached to the D ring in a pawsome place as I have found some to be situated too high which encourages Dotty to turn and try to eat the lead. This certainly wasn’t a problem with this harness. For maybe the first time ever wearing a harness, Dotty did not throw herself on the floor.
She looked absolutely beautiful, and I think we both love it!

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Review by Saint Dotty