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Spin UFO Maze Slow Feeder & Spin Disc

We have been asked to review the Pet Dream House UFO Maze Spin Slow Feeder & Spin Disc. Pet Dream House have created a dynamic range of bowls that turn mealtimes into fun slow feeding games by encouraging sniffing, licking and problem-solving. Both my dogs love their food and given the chance will gobble it down in seconds, therefore I am very keen to try anything that will naturally slow their eating down whilst also getting them thinking and using their brains.  The UFO Maze Spin Slow feeder is made…

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Pet Accessories Pet Product Reviews 

D for Dog Personalised Dog Blankets

We have been asked to review D for Dog’s personalised dog blankets. These blankets are handmade in Yorkshire, they come in a range of colours and 3 different sizes. Small 50 x 80cm, Medium 70 x 100cm and Large 100 x 140cm. The price of the blanket also includes an embroidered pets name of up to 12 characters long.  We have been sent a medium blanket for Mabel and a large blanket for Rodney both in chocolate with gold embroidery. The blankets are made from a soft fleecy fabric and…

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Dog Toys Pet Product Reviews 

Gor Reef Big Daddy & Octopus & Soccer Ball

Gor Reef Big Daddy Octopus  We have been asked to review the Gor Reef Octopus dog toy. This toy comes in 3 different colours, Blue, Pink & Purple and 3 different sizes, Big Daddy, Daddy, Mommy & Baby! We have received a Blue Big Daddy one which I could not believe how big it was when I pulled it out of the box. It measures 80cm x 25cm x 25cm. I have 2 quite small Cavapoos so this is definitely the biggest toy they have ever had, although I think…

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Dog Clothing Pet Product Reviews 

Hunter Rogla Dog Pullover

We have been asked to review the Hunter Rogla Dog Pullover. It is an acrylic knitted jumper which comes in 2 colours, light pink and grey. It also comes in 6 different sizes which are based on the back length of your dog, measured from the neck to the base of the tail and the body circumference which is measured just behind their front legs. The sizes range from 25cm up to 50cm.  Rodney and Mabel my 2 Cavapoos have been sent the 35cm, light pink for Mabel and grey…

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Dog Accessories Pet Accessories Pet Product Reviews 

Licki Paw Pads

We have been asked to review The Licki Paw Pad, which is an add on for the Paw Feeder which we have previously reviewed and loved, resulting in purchasing an additional one so that Rodney and Mabel have one each.  The Licki Paw Pad is shaped to fit exactly in the largest section of the Paw Feeder, making this area perfect to spread sticky treats like yoghurt, gravy, soggy biscuits, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc. It is made from soft food grade TPE rubber, free from PVC, latex, metals and…

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Hygiene & Healthcare Pet Product Reviews 

Nilaqua Waterless Shampoo

Owning a long-haired dog requires regular grooming. The maintenance of owning a long haired dog often requires a lot of time as daily spot cleaning and brushing are essential to prevent the formation of knots. I was kindly asked to review Nilaqua Pets Towel-Off Pet Shampoo for Spot Cleaning and was happy to find that the shampoo didn’t require the use of water to use which saves time as a bathroom clean would normally be needed. Obie would ideally require a bath once or twice a week depending on the weather…

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Dog Food & Treats Pet Product Reviews 

Pawfect Himalayan Chew Bars

  We have been asked to review the Pawfect Himalayan Chew Bars. These are a long lasting dental chew made from the milk of Yaks and/or Cows who graze freely and happily in chemical-free pastures of the Himalayas. Once turned into cheese and formed into bars they are smoked and sun dried for 35 days, creating these super hard, 100% natural chews. The bars are made into 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. We have been sent the medium and large bars. The medium pack contains 2…

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Dog Accessories Pet Accessories Pet Product Reviews 

Kong 5 Piece Travel Bag

We have been asked to review the Kong 5 piece Travel Bag. This consists of a large bag, 2 x food grade storage containers and 2 x food grade travel bowls. The large bag measures 38 x 43 x 20cm and features many different sized side pockets, some with zips, some without. It has a large rectangular zipped lid which also features a mesh zip pocket in the top. The bag has 2 strong handles which can be velcroed together with a padded handle, or it has a long adjustable…

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Dog Bedding Pet Product Reviews 

Paragon Microfibre Dog Blanket

We have been asked to review the Paragon Microfibre Dog Blanket. These blankets come in 2 sizes 90 x 60cm and 120 x 90cm. We have been sent 2 of the smaller sized blankets which when I first opened I thought were quite small but they are in fact the perfect size for my 2 small Cavapoos, Rodney and Mabel. They are made from a heavyweight Microfibre and are double layered with a contrasting trim, giving a real quality look and feel. They also have an embroidered paw print in…

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Harnesses Pet Product Reviews 

Pet Pooch Boutique Mustard Meadow Floral Reversible Harness

We have been asked to review the Pet Pooch Boutique Mustard Meadow Floral Reversible Harness. I have always used harnesses for walking my 2 Cavapoos Rodney and Mabel, so was very happy to receive this and eager to try it out. On opening the package I immediately loved the pretty floral design in shades of mustard yellow, khaki and a touch of pink. A brilliant feature of this harness is that it is reversible so in effect you get 2 harnesses in 1! I love this idea as love having…

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