PetDreamHouse Spin Feeder Review

We have been asked to review the PetDreamHouse Spin Slow Feeder Bowl. The idea of this new innovative dog bowl is to turn feeding time into a fun, interactive activity which in turn reduces the speed at which your dog eats. I’m always looking for new, fun things to try with my dogs so I was really keen to test it out.

Rodney and Mabel are quite small Cavapoos so my 1st impression was that it is quite large for the small amount of food that they have. However after 1st use I realised that it just means you have more space to spread the food, slowing the eating process down even more.

The bowl and all its parts are made from human-standard food grade materials and are BPA-FREE and PVC-FREE. It has a central column on which a spinning petal like plate is placed which is then secured with a screw top. It is all very easy to put together and take apart.

Mabel ever since being a tiny pup has always gobbled her food if given the chance, so I decided to let her do the testing. She is raw fed so I tried to spread her food evenly over the 6 small compartments of the petal like plate as well as hiding some underneath in the main bowl section.

After placing the bowl on the floor I was pleased to find that it sat firmly and didn’t slip around thanks to the 4 large anti-skid rings on the bottom. Mabel eagerly began her meal starting with the small portions on the petal like top layer. This layer freely spins so she did tend to move with the plate and make her way in circles around the bowl. This quickly revealed to her that there were portions of food hiding underneath too. This kept her busy moving around the bowl eating from the top and bottom layer as she went, using her tongue and nose to move the top plate out of the way. At one point when licking the bowl clean she even used her paw to spin it out of the way, showing that she was clearly being encouraged to think and try out different ways to get her food.

Here’s couple of  videos of product in action:


Overall the Spin Slow Feeder does exactly what it is designed to do. It most definitely slows down the feeding process whilst also making it fun and interesting for the dog too. The spinning petal like plate can also be placed on the central column the other way up, providing a slightly different eating experience therefore adding further variety to your dogs dinner time. The bowl is dishwasher safe on the top rack so is easy to clean too. I would definitely recommend this bowl to anyone that needs to slow down their dogs eating process or to anyone that just wants to enrich their dogs dinner time experience.

Where to buy: 

SPIN is coming to the UK soon & will be available for Trade from Pedigree Wholesale exclusively:

Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos