Spin UFO Maze Slow Feeder & Spin Disc

We have been asked to review the Pet Dream House UFO Maze Spin Slow Feeder & Spin Disc. Pet Dream House have created a dynamic range of bowls that turn mealtimes into fun slow feeding games by encouraging sniffing, licking and problem-solving. Both my dogs love their food and given the chance will gobble it down in seconds, therefore I am very keen to try anything that will naturally slow their eating down whilst also getting them thinking and using their brains. 

The UFO Maze Spin Slow feeder is made up of a large white bowl with a central stalk on which the green inner maze bowl can be placed with the clear food dispenser screwed in place on top. It is quite a large bowl for my small Cavapoos but I think this aids in slowing them down even more as the food/treats are spread over a larger area. All the parts are made from BPA free, food-grade material. 

As Rodney and Mabel are raw fed I decided to try this using treats as although the inner maze is perfect for spreading their raw food on to, I wanted to see them use it with the food dispenser part too. I loaded the treats through the holes at the top and they scattered down onto the maze whilst some remained in the food dispenser section. The size of the treat/kibble will determine how quickly or easily it will fall. I also rotated the maze and hid some underneath the maze section too. Rodney took 1st go and he was straight in there using his tongue and nose to dislodge the treats. At times he was even walking around the bowl moving the maze as he went which in turn was allowing the treats to drop from the dispenser. When all visible treats were gone he then set to work to try and get the ones from underneath. He mainly used his nose to push it around but did also have a go with his paw as well. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching him solve the various problems he came up against whilst retrieving the treats from the different sections and I think it’s safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed working it all out and eating the treats as well. 

The Spin Flying Disc is a multi-functional accessory that can be used as a flying dog toy or a lick pad and is compatible with the large white bowl of the Spin Slow Feeder in that it has a hole in the middle so can be placed onto the central stalk. It is made from soft, flexible BPA-FREE and PVC FREE material and is double-sided with a different pattern on either side adding further variety. As previously stated Rodney & Mabel are raw fed so this is perfect to smear their dinner onto and it, without doubt, encourages them to lick and slowly enjoy their dinner preventing choking and being much better for their digestion whilst acting as an enrichment activity too.

I am very impressed with both of these products, they are of high quality and can go in the dishwasher making them practical too. They definitely do what they say by slowing the dog down and encouraging them to sniff, lick and problem solve making meal times lots of fun. Other interchangeable activities which are compatible with the Spin base bowl are also available, meaning you can add even more variety to your dog’s dinner time. It’s a definite thumbs up from us. 

Where to buy:

Consumer: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?srs=8885702031

Trade: https://petdreamhouse.co.uk/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=19

Review by Karen, Rodney & Mabel 

Instagram: @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos