Are Rhubarb Leaves Toxic to Dogs? Safety Tips

are rhubarb leaves poisonous to dogs

Rhubarb is well-liked for its sour stalks used in desserts. But, these stalks are not safe for dogs. If you own a pet, it’s vital to know about the dangers of rhubarb leaves.

Rhubarb leaves have oxalate crystals that are bad for dogs. These can make dogs feel very sick. Signs include stomach ache, throwing up, and diarrhea. The seriousness depends on how much they ate and the dog’s size.

If you grow rhubarb or see it on walks, keep your dog away. Watch your pet closely. They shouldn’t eat any part of the rhubarb plant. If they do, get help from a vet right away.

Stop dog plant poisoning by making a safe space. Know what plants in your area can harm your pet. Keep your dog away from these plants. You might also want to plant things that are safe for dogs.

Though rhubarb stalks are less harmful, don’t give them to dogs. They don’t offer much in terms of nutrition for dogs. The possible harm is not worth it.

Be careful and take steps to protect your pet from rhubarb leaves and other harmful plants. This way, you keep your dog healthy and safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rhubarb leaves are toxic to dogs if ingested and contain soluble oxalate crystals that can cause gastrointestinal illness and other symptoms.
  • Prevent dogs from accessing rhubarb leaves and seek immediate veterinary care if ingestion occurs.
  • Be aware of other toxic plants in your garden and neighborhood and create a safe environment for your dog.
  • Rhubarb stalks are not recommended for dogs and should be avoided.

Risks of Rhubarb Leaves to Dogs

Rhubarb leaves are not safe for dogs. They have soluble oxalate crystals. These crystals hurt a dog’s mouth, causing pain. Eating a lot of rhubarb leaves can upset a dog’s stomach badly.

A dog that eats rhubarb leaves might get stomach cramps and throw up. They could also have diarrhea, drool a lot, and feel very tired. These signs are serious. You must take them to a vet fast.

Owners need to know rhubarb leaves are dangerous for dogs. Make sure your pets can’t get to this plant.

Rhubarb leaves look nice but are very bad for dogs. It’s important to keep our dogs from getting near rhubarb.

We should always put our dogs’ health first. If your dog eats rhubarb leaves, get help from a vet right away.

Signs of Rhubarb Poisoning in Dogs

Rhubarb poisoning can make dogs sick. Know these signs to help your dog fast. This helps keep them safe.


If your dog drools a lot, it might be rhubarb poisoning. Seeing this needs quick attention.


Not wanting to eat could mean rhubarb poisoning. If your dog skips meals, they might be sick.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are signs too. These show your dog could have eaten rhubarb. It’s serious.

Lethargy and Weakness

A sick dog may seem very tired. If they’re not active or weak, they could be ill.


Tremors or shaking is another sign. If your dog shakes and shows other symptoms, get help.

Bloody Urine

Bloody urine can happen with rhubarb poisoning. Seeing this means your dog needs a vet quickly.

Changes in Thirst and Urination

Dogs may drink more or less water. Urinating more or having trouble can mean they’re sick.

If you see these signs, call a vet right away. Fast action is key to help your dog.

Veterinary Care for Rhubarb Ingestion in Dogs

If your dog eats rhubarb, see a vet. Mild cases can sometimes be handled at home. But, if your dog ate a lot or if you’re not sure what they ate, get professional help. Soon!

To help with mild cases, you can rinse your dog’s mouth with cool water. Still, seeing a vet quickly is very important. They can make sure your dog gets the right help.

Veterinary care for rhubarb ingestion in dogs may involve:

  • Evaluation: A veterinarian will conduct a thorough examination, including assessing the dog’s overall health and symptoms.
  • Fluid Treatment: Intravenous fluid treatment may be administered to prevent dehydration and support the kidneys, especially if the dog has experienced vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Medication: Dogs who have ingested rhubarb may receive medication to eliminate the plant from the body and alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Each dog might need different care based on how sick they are. Vets know just what to do to help your dog feel better.

veterinary care for rhubarb ingestion in dogs

Veterinary Care for Rhubarb Ingestion in Dogs Details
Evaluation A thorough examination to assess the dog’s overall health and symptoms.
Fluid Treatment Intravenous fluid administration to prevent dehydration and support the kidneys.
Medication Medications to eliminate the rhubarb plant from the body and alleviate pain or discomfort.

Preventing Plant Poisoning in Dogs

To keep dogs safe, it’s important to know which plants are bad for them. One harmful plant is rhubarb. Here are a few tips for making a safe garden for your dog.

1. Know the Toxic Plants

Learn about plants that are bad for dogs. Some include lilies, azaleas, and daffodils. Keep a list, or ask your vet for advice.

2. Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

When designing your garden, think of your dog’s safety. Choose safe plants like marigolds or roses. They make your garden beautiful and keep your dog safe.

3. Secure Problematic Areas

If you have dangerous plants, fence these areas off. Fences keep your dog away from these plants. They make a safe space for your dog to play.

4. Educate Family Members and Visitors

Make sure everyone knows about the dangers of some plants. Tell them which plants in your garden are harmful. Ask them to watch your dog and report any strange behavior.

5. Supervise Outdoor Activities

Watch your dog closely when they are outside. Keep them away from dangerous plants. If you see them near these plants, distract them.

6. Regularly Inspect Your Garden

Check your garden often for dangerous plants. Sometimes, new plants can show up without you knowing. Remove any bad plants right away to keep your dog safe.

7. Consult Your Veterinarian

If you think your dog ate something bad, call your vet. They can help and suggest safe plants for your garden. They give advice that’s best for your dog.

By taking these steps, you can lower the risk of plant poisoning. You’ll make a safe space for your dog to enjoy.

Can Dogs Eat Rhubarb Leaves?

Dogs should not eat rhubarb leaves. They are mildly toxic to pets. They can cause stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Also, pets might drool a lot and feel very tired. Even though the sour taste of rhubarb leaves usually keeps dogs away, make sure they can’t reach them.

If your dog eats rhubarb leaves, see a vet right away. The oxalate crystals in the leaves are very harmful.

Why are Rhubarb Leaves Dangerous for Dogs?

Rhubarb leaves are bad for dogs because they have lots of oxalate crystals. These crystals can hurt the mouth and stomach, causing pain and upset. Eating a lot of rhubarb leaves might make your dog vomit, have diarrhea, and drool a lot.

The oxalates in the leaves can also stop dogs from getting enough calcium. This might cause more health issues.

“Dogs should not eat rhubarb leaves due to the potential toxicity of oxalate crystals. Ingesting these leaves can cause gastrointestinal upset and other symptoms.”

Can Dogs Eat Rhubarb Stalks?

Rhubarb leaves are bad for dogs, but the stalks are less dangerous. Still, it’s better not to give them to dogs. They can pose risks.

Some dogs might eat a little rhubarb stalk and be okay. But, play it safe and don’t give rhubarb to dogs. The stalks have oxalates, but not as much as the leaves.

Rhubarb stalks are sour and might not taste good to dogs. But, some dogs might eat a lot or have a bad reaction.

Can Dogs Eat Rhubarb Stalks? Pros Cons
Yes, but not recommended – Contain some nutrients
– Low oxalate concentration compared to leaves
– Still contain oxalates
– Potential gastrointestinal upset
– Risk of adverse reactions

Dogs eating rhubarb stalks can get stomach aches, throw up, or have diarrhea. They might drool a lot or seem tired if they eat too much.

Keep your dog’s health first. Give them food made for dogs, not rhubarb. This way, they get the right nutrients without the danger of getting sick.

can dogs eat rhubarb stalks

Dog-Safe Alternatives

Looking for safe treats for your dog? Here are some good choices:

  • Carrots: Raw carrot sticks or cooked, mashed carrots can be a crunchy and nutritious snack for dogs.
  • Blueberries: These small berries are packed with antioxidants and make a tasty and safe treat for dogs.
  • Watermelon: Remove the seeds and rind, and offer small chunks of watermelon as a refreshing and hydrating snack.
  • Green Beans: Cooked or raw green beans can be a low-calorie and fiber-rich option for dogs.

Always talk to your vet before trying new foods for your dog. This is especially true if they have special dietary needs or health issues.

Raw and Cooked Rhubarb for Dogs

Should dogs eat rhubarb? No, they shouldn’t. Rhubarb can hurt dogs, both raw and cooked. Can dogs eat raw rhubarb? It is bad because it has harmful substances. These can upset a dog’s stomach, causing pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

What about dogs eating cooked rhubarb? It’s still not good for them. Cooking rhubarb usually means adding sugar and spices. These can harm dogs and don’t provide any benefits for them.

We should not feed rhubarb to dogs. There are safer treats we can give them. These will make them happy without risking their health.

Risks of Feeding Rhubarb to Dogs

Rhubarb is not safe for dogs and can cause problems. Here’s why you shouldn’t give it to them:

  1. Gastrointestinal Upset: Rhubarb can upset a dog’s stomach. It can lead to cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  2. Added Sugars and Spices: Sugar and spices in cooked rhubarb are bad for dogs. They don’t need these in their diet.
  3. Limited Nutritional Value: Rhubarb does have some good stuff in it. But the bad outweighs the good for dogs.

It’s important to keep dogs healthy and safe. Always choose foods that are good for them. Ask a vet about the best diet for your dog.

Tasty and Safe Alternatives for Dogs

Instead of rhubarb, give these fruits and veggies to your dog:

  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Apples (without seeds or core)
  • Blueberries
  • Watermelon (seedless)

These foods are full of nutrients and will make your dog happy. Always add new food slowly to see if your dog likes it.

By choosing the right foods, you keep your dog’s diet healthy and fun. This also helps avoid stomach problems and other health issues.

Unsafe Food for Dogs Safe Food Alternatives
Rhubarb (raw or cooked) Carrots, green beans, apples, blueberries, watermelon
Grapes and raisins Strawberries, bananas, mangoes, pineapples
Chocolate Peanut butter (xylitol-free), coconut pieces
Onions and garlic Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cucumbers

Nutritional Value of Rhubarb for Dogs

Rhubarb isn’t great food for dogs. It has some vitamins and minerals. But the calcium in rhubarb is hard for dogs to absorb because it’s in oxalate form. Plus, rhubarb’s few nutrients don’t make up for its risks.

Rhubarb is okay for people but not for dogs. Dogs need different food than us. Some safe foods for us are bad for them. Rhubarb stalks are less toxic than leaves, but still not good for dogs.

Dogs need a balanced diet for health. The best is high-quality dog food. Always talk to a vet before giving dogs new foods like rhubarb.

The Dangers of Rhubarb for Dogs

Rhubarb has oxalates, bad for calcium in bodies and can cause kidney stones. It’s really high in the stalks. Eating rhubarb can make dogs sick and hurt their kidneys.

“The calcium in rhubarb stalks is in oxalate form and cannot be easily absorbed by a dog’s body.”

Safe and Healthy Alternatives for Dogs

Give your dog safer, healthy foods instead of rhubarb. Some good options include:

  • Carrots – They’re crunchy, full of fiber, and good for dogs.
  • Blueberries – They’re tasty and full of good stuff for dogs.
  • Green beans – They help with digestion because they’re full of fiber.
  • Apples – Cut them up for a sweet snack dogs like.

Start new foods slowly and watch how your dog reacts. Watch for any bad reactions.


Rhubarb leaves are bad for dogs. They can cause stomach aches, throwing up, diarrhea, too much drooling, feeling weak, and more. Rhubarb toxicity in dogs can lead to big health problems. Dog owners need to know how dangerous rhubarb leaves are for their pets.

Do you grow rhubarb in your garden or yard? Make sure your dog can’t get to it. Preventing plant poisoning in dogs means keeping them away from dangerous plants. Choose plants that are safe for dogs.

Rhubarb stalks and other parts can also harm dogs. Even if a dog seems okay after eating a little rhubarb, it’s better to not give it to them at all.

Keeping dogs safe and healthy means giving them a safe place and good food. Knowing about the risk of rhubarb toxicity in dogs and taking steps to avoid it is important. This way, you can keep your furry friend safe.


Are rhubarb leaves toxic to dogs?

Yes, rhubarb leaves are harmful to dogs. They have soluble oxalate crystals. These can make dogs sick.

What are the risks of rhubarb leaves to dogs?

Eating rhubarb leaves can make dogs feel very ill. They may have stomach pain, throw up, have diarrhea, drool a lot, and become very tired. If this happens, a vet should see them quickly.

What are the signs of rhubarb poisoning in dogs?

If a dog eats rhubarb, watch for drooling, no appetite, throwing up, diarrhea, being very tired, weakness, shaking, bloody pee, and changes in drinking and peeing. See a vet right away if you notice these.

What veterinary care is needed for rhubarb ingestion in dogs?

If your dog eats rhubarb, they need to see a vet. For minor cases, washing their mouth with cool water helps. For more serious cases, or if you’re not sure what they ate, go to a vet. They might need fluids given through a vein, medicine, and treatment for pain.

How can I prevent plant poisoning in dogs?

To keep your dog safe from poisonous plants, know which plants are not safe, like rhubarb. Keep your dog away from where these plants grow. Make sure they play in safe areas. Swap dangerous plants with ones safe for dogs to lower risks.

Can dogs eat rhubarb leaves?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat rhubarb leaves. They’re mildly poisonous. Eating them causes tummy sickness, cramps, throwing up, diarrhea, lots of drooling, and tiredness.

Can dogs eat rhubarb stalks?

Dogs shouldn’t eat rhubarb stalks. Some dogs might not get sick from a little bit. But it’s safest to not give rhubarb to dogs at all.

Can dogs eat raw or cooked rhubarb?

Don’t give raw or cooked rhubarb to dogs. Raw rhubarb upsets their stomachs. Cooked rhubarb might have sugar and spices bad for dogs. It’s best to avoid rhubarb completely.

What is the nutritional value of rhubarb for dogs?

Rhubarb doesn’t offer much nutrition for dogs. It has some vitamins and minerals. But the calcium in rhubarb stalks isn’t absorbed well by dogs. The risks outweigh any small benefits.

Are rhubarb leaves poisonous to dogs?

Yes, rhubarb leaves can make dogs very sick. They have soluble oxalate crystals that cause illness. Keep dogs away from these leaves. See a vet if they eat them.

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